Parish Council

St. Nicholas Church BoardThe Parish Council (or board of directors) has the responsibility of making sure that the Church runs smoothly and efficiently. The Board is a team of men and women who give their time and talent to the service of the Lord and His Church. With the grace of Almighty God, love and cooperation, decisions are made, work is done, and solutions to problems are discussed. It has been a pleasure serving our Church and our people in this capacity.


We would like to thank the present officers and trustees and those who have served in the past, for their dedication, hard work and service to the Lord and our St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Warren, Ohio.  We pray for the continued blessings of our Lord and growth in the Life of Christ in this parish. May the memories of the departed Board Members be eternal in God's Heavenly Kingdom.  We would like to thank everyone for their help and cooperation in making this dream become a reality!


Board Officers:
President - Gib Pugh
Vice President -  John 
Treasurer - John Falibota
Secretary - Vitaly Di Tommaso
Financial Secretary - James Buzzanco
Board Trustees:
Sophie Brozier
George Calko
David Delida
Marlene Falibota
Andrew Graham
Bill Keriotis
Mark Keriotis
Ray Speicher