The Good Samaritan Outreach

“It is a better thing to feed the hungry than to raise the dead” - Saint John Chrysostom

Reflecting our Patron Saint, The Wonderworker Saint Nicholas of Myra, who was (and still is) famous for his provision of food, shelter and clothing this dedicated flock of volunteers continues to give hope to the hopeless.

Since 1993 a group of Orthodox Christian people began to evangelize in communities who are not aware of Orthodoxy. Our Outreach program has been active in providing temporary shelter, school supplies, meals, warm hugs and smiles to the less fortunate and lonely. Plus clothing needs as requested.

Since 1994 Saint Nicholas Orthodox Outreach began a Free Thanksgiving Dinner to those in need of comfort, love and food. Through the generosity of the American Legion in Newton Falls, Ohio they have donated their facility to help our Outreach defray costs since the beginning. Every year our numbers continue to increase and additional food is donated to area shelters as necessary. We serve from 11:30 – 12:30 on Thanksgiving Day.

Good Samaritan Outreach DinnersMonthly free community dinners are held at the American Legion in Windham, Ohio on the fourth Tuesday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from January to October. Again this facility is donated to help us utilize our funds to be granted to the core of our ministry, relief and love.

From 1998 to 2003 Saint Nicholas Orthodox Outreach sponsored two young boys, Symeon & Vova, who for 8 weeks came to the United States for respite from the horrible effects of the Chernobyl reactor disaster.

Medical supplies were taken to a remote village, Evanish, Belarus. This provided support to a health clinic run by an Orthodox parish. The renovated clinic provided facilities to bathe, eat and provide help and respite care for children whose parents left them alone and were frightened.

Clothes, socks, seeds for planting vegetables and church school supplies were included in a shipment of over 700 pairs of shoes to The Parish House of Charity and Diaconal Work in Minsk, Belarus.

Since 1999 the Outreach has been providing free school supplies to school students.  It began with providing paper, pencils, pens and spirals notebooks. In 2000 the demand grew and again the welcoming hands of American Legion in Newton Falls, Ohio allowed us to expand our giving to include crayons and markers. In 2001 a teenager of our parish suggested we also provide a book bag to hold these supplies. Since then we have added into the book bags, folders, scissors, erasers, rulers and glue sticks.

Each December Saint Nicholas Orthodox Outreach participates in providing local children of less fortunate families with Nativity gifts. Our Patron Saint Nicholas continues to inspire each volunteer to help furnish countless gifts to these little angels in need. Nativity morning is made brighter and joyful for these little ones, through the endless hours, sacrificing expenses of each dedicated individual that chooses an angel.

It is the prayer and vision of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Outreach to stretch forth the hands of Christ to the unfortunate in crisis.

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Samaritan Outreach Book Bag Givaway 2017

Outreach Book Bag Giveaway 2017
Outreach Bookbag Giveaway 2017
Families are picking up their free school supplies at the American Legion in Newton Falls.