"World Renowned" Halupki and Perohi Lunches and dinners

Our dinners are back!

Experience for yourself our "World Renowned" holupki and perohi dinners!

Lunch and Take-Out on Thursdays Only!

Dinners are takeout only. We appreciate your understanding. 
Take Out - 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Homemade Lunch & Dinner Menu Only $13.00

 Perohi (with bread and butter)
 Holupki (stuffed cabbage)
1 Scoop of Halushki (cabbage & noodles)
Bowl of Chicken soup

Take-Out Menu


  Take-Out Dinner     $13.00
  Halushki (cabbage & noodles)     $4.00
  Homemade Chicken Soup (12oz)     $2.00
  Homemade Chicken Soup (16oz)     $2.50
  Holupki (stuffed cabbage)     $2.00 
  Holupki (3) and Bread     $6.50
  Perohi: Potato & Cheese (12)     $8.00 / dozen
  Perohi: Sweet Cabbage (12)     $8.00 / dozen
  Perohi: Sauerkraut (12)     $8.00 / dozen
  Perohi: Prune (12)     $8.00 / dozen
  Good Christian Fellowship...     Priceless!


Please pay attention as our prices have changed due to the current supply and cost of food. We hope you come out and enjoy and look forward to your support!

Call today to place your order

(330) 372-6240 

Yes, we do realize that the correct English spellings for our food are "halupki" and "pierogi", but we're from the old country and we proudly spell it the way we say it.  Either way... you're in for a treat!


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