The St. Nicholas Society (Our Kitchen Crew)

St. Nicholas SocietyThe Saint Nicholas Society has a large group of hard-working women and quite a few hardworking men. These dedicated people make chicken soup, homemade bread, holupki, halushki, and last, but not least, perohi - all flavors! This is done weekly in the Church.

Many of these members volunteer in keeping the Church and Hall clean and they are responsible for the cleaning of the Altar Cloths and the decorating of the Church for the different Holydays. In the Name of Our Lord acts of charity were performed by the St. Nicholas Society. Members have visited the sick in the hospitals, fruit baskets at Christmas have been given to the sick and shut-ins, get well cards are sent, and other acts of charity are performed.

Thousands of dollars have also been raised over the years. Prayers of thanksgiving are offered on this day, for the many blessings of the Lord. May the memories of the deceased members of the St. Nicholas Society be eternal in God's Heavenly Kingdom! Eternal Memory!


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