The A.C.R.Y. (American Carpatho-Rusyn Youth)

The A.C.R.Y. (American Carpatho-Rusyn Youth)

A.C.R.Y. - Chapter #54

Our parish Youth Organization, the A.C.R.Y., was reactivated just this year. By joining the A.C.R.Y. you will not only have good Christian fun but you will also be serving our Church and our Diocese.

Remembering to "Seek First the Kingdom of God ... ", our members have attended Pilgrimages and Spiritual Retreats. Our spiritual life is always most important!

Our chapter #54 hosted two National Conventions: the first one at the Avalon Inn in 2002, and the second one at the Metroplex in 2006. Many of our members were an integral part of the committee planning the 2003 Diocesan Sobor held at the Metroplex.

Forever Forward and Heavenward!

Pictured (from left to right) – John Falibota, Nathaniel Choma, Bettianne Diles, Debra Yenchochik, Veronica Zurcher, Father Kenneth Bachofsky, Renay Choma, Marlene Falibota, Mike Demas, Sonya Anzivino