Our Church Choir (Dedicated to St. Romanos)

St. Nicholas Church Choir (Dedicated to St. Romanos)The Divine Services of our Church are sung by the dedicated men and women of our St. Nicholas Church Choir. It was under the guidance and direction of Father Solak that our Church Choir was formed.

Many hours of practice were spent in the Church basement learning all of the necessary music. Our Church Choir sang at many weddings, participated in Choir Concerts in different local Churches, and was a part of the Combined Orthodox Choir that sang at the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vesper Services.

Prayers are offered today for Thanksgiving for the many blessings bestowed by the Lord and for His continued grace upon all of our parishioners. In loving memory prayers are offered for Paul Matyas, the first Choir Director, and the other deceased members of the Choir. Eternal be their memories!

Pictured (from left to right, bottom to top) – Alissa Kotsatos, Rachael Delida, Emily Anzivino, Elmer Yenchochik, Father Ken, Mike Demas, Jessica Prokup, Mary Ann Yenchochik, Denise Delida, Mark Keriotis, Renee Calko, David Delida, Debra Yenchochik, Mike Sheptock, Renay Choma, Jaclynn Choma

Choir Directors Mike Demas and Nathan Bachofsky