St Nicholas Parish, Warren Ohio. This past few weeeks, Dennis Bell of Image & Likeness Studios, has insalled the five Icons that adorn the parish Baptisimal Font! On this octagonal font are depicted, in Icons, the entire theological and scriptural teaching of Holy Baptism according to the Orthodox Church! 

On the opposite side of the font is a three pannel depiction of the Baptism of our Lord in te Jordam River. With the new Icons depicted, we have the curcifiction, the Resurrection, and the Icon of the Holy Spirit. On each side of the font are the scriptual and theological refrences to the Church's understanding of Holy Baptism. One scroll if from the Baptisimal Epistle reading from Paul's Lettert to the Romansd 6:5. The other scroll contains the Baptisimal Hymn found in Paul's Letter to the Galations 3:7 sung at the Baptisimal Service, while circling the font three times. 

We are indebted to Dennis for his talent and ministry to the church. These new Icons and scrolls were solenly blesses last Sunday March 21st at the Festal Liturgy for Sunday of Orthodoxy! The Icons are all made possible by the loving gifts of our donors in memory of deceased members of their families and our parish. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to our donors, and to Denis Bell for his design, craftmanship, and installation!!